Netflix brings smart downloads to iOS users

Netflix finally brings its smart downloads feature to iOS devices

A clever Netflix feature that was exclusive to Android is finally coming to iPhone

That offline download list has grown in time and, after rolling out the feature for Android in the summer of 2018, Netflix now has made it available for iOS as well. The feature will automatically delete the downloaded episodes after the viewer has watched it and will download the next episode. Richie Mehta's "Delhi Crime" to Premiere on Netflix on March 22.

But it's worth noting that the smart download will only work if you're connected to Wi-Fi (saving your mobile data). In the last quarter, the company added 8.8 million new subscribers, including 7.31 million non-U.S. users.

Launching Smart Downloads on iOS is yet another way Netflix continues to improve the viewing experience for the users by making it easier for them to connect with the stories they love, and allowing them to take their favorite Netflix stories with them wherever they go.

Netflix says the feature is available on its Windows 10 app as well, though we aren't sure when exactly that launched. Of course, if you happen to download every episode of a series at once, the app will not delete or replace any of them once watched.

Use the toggle to turn Smart Downloads on or off.

How do Netflix Smart Downloads work?

The app then also deletes the previous episode so you're not constantly filling up your data card with already viewed content. Take for example users have downloaded the first three episodes of a series.

Netflix has recently been focusing heavily on offline access to its app to further expand its user base as the US market saturates.

You should have the new feature on your Netflix app now if you have your device set for automatic updates, otherwise you can find the update in the Apple App Store now.

"We're trying out a feature which gives Netflix members the ability to rewatch favorite scenes and memorable moments with the click of a button", the streaming firm said.

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