Florida Man Dances His Way to DUI Arrest During Sobriety Test

Bodycam video shows Florida man dancing during sobriety test

Florida man dances through DUI sobriety test

CBS affiliate WTSP reported that 33-year-old Christopher Larson was found asleep at the wheel in front of a closed business in Holiday, Florida at around 2 a.m. Deputies said the vehicle was still running and the brake lights were on.

He then consented to a breathalyzer test and deputies say he blew a.28 (blood alcohol content) which was more three times than Florida's legal limit of.08.

After the Sheriff's deputies woke him up, Larson got out of the vehicle, which rolled forward and narrowly missed one of the officers.

A Sheriff's deputy said he knocked on Larson's window and shouted before Larson responded by waving at the deputy, while appearing disoriented.

When deputies were able to rouse him from his sleep, he left the vehicle but did not put it in park. The deputy jumped in to stop it from hitting the gate.

However, during his sobriety test, Larson began to dance while attempting to prove he wasn't drunk.

When asked to walk a straight line, Larson begins side-stepping and bouncing in the manner of a man who is unaware he is about to be taken to jail.

The sheriff's office says he admitted to drinking for several hours and allegedly told deputies he thought he was in Clearwater, but had actually been sleeping in Holiday, about 32 kilometres away from Clearwater. He also told deputies he though he was in Clearwater.

"Are you done now?" asked one deputy as he continued to dance.

Larson later spoke with Fox 13 and said he would not call what he in the video dancing and would not comment on the arrest.

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