'Frozen' Cat Miraculously Brought Back to Life by Vets in Montana

Frozen, unresponsive cat brought back to life by vets

‘Essentially frozen’ cat brought back from the brink after being found buried in snow

After the clinic's staff picked the ice off Fluffy's coat and she started moving around, they sent her to an emergency clinic to help raise her body temperature. Only about 80 miles from the Canadian border, the northern town has been blanketed in snow for months.

The cat was discharged to its owners the same night and when Dr Clark checked in a few days later, Fluffy appeared to be back to normal.

A vet at the clinic told ABC News that Fluffy's body temperature was so low, it didn't register on a thermometer with a bottom range of 90F.

They also posted a picture of Fluffy, now unfrozen, showcasing her long, elegant fur. A normal temperature for a cat is around 100°-102°F. He admitted he'd not seen anything like it in his career. China Corum, used heating pads and a heated cage to bring Fluffy's temperature up until she gained consciousness later in the afternoon. However, her temperature remained very low.

"Either something fell on her or she fell or something chased her and she got injured ..." It was snowy and below freezing when Fluffy was discovered frozen. Although her caregivers believe that by spring she'll be ready to head back outdoors.

Don't leave your animal unsupervised in cold weather. If the cat in question is a stray and "refuses to live indoors", there are other options and things we can do to give them a chance.

For example; here are the directions on how to make an outdoor feral cat shelter.

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