Five Children, One Adult Diagnosed With Measles In Central Texas

Measles Vaccines

Measles case confirmed in Central Texas

The second, called the MMRV vaccine, protects children from measles, mumps, rubella and chickenpox.

Health officials say five cases of measles have been confirmed in southern Texas, including four children under the age of 2-years-old. However, a recent outbreak of measles has affected at least 50 people in Washington state.

These worldwide travelers then spread measles upon their return, which cause outbreaks in the USA.

NY is dealing with a smaller outbreak of 17 cases in an orthodox Jewish community, and three additional states-Hawaii, Georgia, and Oregon-have all reported at least one new case and are watching for any developments.

In Texas, officials said several counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and Houston areas saw a high number of parents requesting non-medical exemptions to vaccinations rules last summer.

The Center has reported three outbreaks; the outbreaks are associated with travelers, who "brought measles back from Israel and Ukraine".

All three cases are children who were not vaccinated or did not complete their vaccine series. Israel and Ukraine are now dealing with large outbreaks of measles.

The three individuals involved in the new cases were in close contact with the first Multnomah County resident who tested positive for measles January 25, according to the Oregon Health Authority. "In a sense, we already saw that in 2018, but it looks like cases may pick up more in 2019".

"Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent measles", Denton County public health director Dr. Matt Richardson said in a written statement.

Symptoms of measles include fever, cough, red eyes, sore throat and a rash that spreads all over the body.

However, measles is highly contagious.

"Before the measles vaccine, we had an increase in measles, and then, when the measles vaccine was created, it started getting more and more people vaccinated", Beckham said. Anyone born since 1978 who is unsure if they have received two doses of a measles containing vaccine, such as MMR, should speak with their GP.

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