NDP say more leaked documents show PC healthcare plan includes privatization

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Elliott also said the documents were non-partisan public service documents that she had never seen.

However cabinet documents, signed by both Elliott and given Royal Assent by Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdswell, detail payment plans when permanent board members for the super agency are named including a $350 per diem for the chair. The plan sends critical health care services to the private sector, and opens the door to unprecedented involvement of for-profit, private corporations in health care.

Christine Elliott's comments came after the NDP released a second set of confidential government documents following the release last week of a draft version of the Progressive Conservative government's upcoming health-care transformation legislation.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said the documents reveal that the Ford cabinet has already approved the health bill.

The Ford government is asking the OPP to investigate the massive leak of government documents to the NDP.

High ranking officials received confidential information of the Doug Ford government's planned changes to Ontario's health-care system, Horwath said.

The NDP would not say how the documents were obtained but shortly after they were released the PC's said a staffer with the Ontario Public Service had been fired for leaking the documents and that the Ontario Provincial Police have been notified.

Elliott went on to say, her government is bringing "desperately needed and overdue changes" Ontario's health system at a later date.

The Minister of Health called NDP leader Andrea Horwath "outrageous" and "fear-mongering" after the opposition leader leaked documents allegedly showing the Ford government's plans to privatize health care. "That super agency will quote 'partner with public and private sector entities'".

The extremely detailed material outlines a system administered by a super agency overseeing 30 to 50 regional "MyCare" groups.

Elliott would still not rule out further private delivery of services within the public system - which now exists, such as companies that do diagnostic testing - but said that wasn't the focus of the health-care transformation.

The super agency would then be responsible for everything from health care planning and delivery to labour relations, procurement and financial management.

"Andrea Horwath and the NDP have intentionally created confusion about the way care is delivered in this province", Elliott said. It's not clear if for-profit and private entities will win contracts to form MyCare Groups; but it's clear that MyCare groups will be given the power to contract out frontline health care to private, for-profit entities.

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