Gillibrand, in Iowa, highlights family, children issues

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand D-N.Y. greets patrons at Stomping Grounds Cafe in Ames Iowa on Saturday Jan. 19 2019. Gillibrand continued her first trip to the leadoff caucus state since announcing the formation of an exploratory committee to seek the 2020

Gillibrand, in Iowa, highlights family, children issues

Kirsten Gillibrand was starting from scratch in early-voting Iowa when she made her first visit as a 2020 Democratic presidential prospect on Friday. "You have to stand up for what's right, especially when it's hard".

Gillibrand said she had "to stand up for what's right, especially when it's hard".

"I was not fighting for other people's kids the same way I was fighting for my own", she added.

The 2020 presidential candidate is one of the most liberal members of the Senate, but she's called herself "wrong", "callous", "embarrassed", and "ashamed" over her past views when she was a more moderate member of Congress. Considering that Gillibrand is now in the business of calling Trump's policies "racist", he wondered whether those policies were racist when she supported them.

And Gillibrand may also have to contend with Iowa's traditionally tricky winter weather this weekend. "This is what changing the face of leadership looks like", she said Saturday. Now is our time to reclaim our power.

Gillibrand's Iowa trip is the beginning of her journey to introduce herself to more Americans outside NY, which she has represented in Washington since 2006, first as a congresswoman and then as a senator, when she replaced Hillary Clinton in 2009.

Unlike numerous other Democrats who have signaled an interest in running, Gillibrand did not visit Iowa previous year, allowing some Iowans to form early impressions of would-be rivals. Likewise, California Sen. Kamala Harris lit up a crowd in Iowa City and met with influential female candidates and activists in suburban Des Moines. Gillibrand's announcement and quickly planned Iowa trip followed what influential Iowa Democrats agreed was a productive trip for Warren, who drew hundreds to events in western and central Iowa.

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