Jessica Simpson's #10YearChallenge Photos Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

10YearChallenge Pregnant Jessica Simpson joins the viral craze pokes fun at her swollen foot

Pregnant Jessica Simpson Pokes Fun at Her Extremely Swollen Foot in 10-Year Challenge Photo

But instead of posting two then-and-now photos of her face, Simpson focused on a different part of her body-her feet. After sharing a photo of her very swollen foot last week, Simpson had some fun with the #10YearChallenge, the latest viral craze that has seen dozens of stars taking a walk down memory lane with comparison shots from 10 years ago and today.

For the challenge, she made a decision to revisit that photo and share side-by-side pictures of her feet from the past and present.

According to People magazine, Jessica first shared the photo of her foot on 11 January, with the caption: "Any remedies?!" The picture received more than 360,000 likes and got the attention of other celebrities.

While Simpson can also joke about her current situation, ET spoke with the expectant mother in October where she opened up about different - and hard - her third pregnancy was compared to her first two.

Simpson announced that she is expecting her third child - a baby girl - with husband Eric Johnson in September.

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