'Avengers: Infinity War' Concept Art Reveals First Look at Young Thanos

Samuel L. Jackson May Have Spoiled Huge Plot Point For 'Captain Marvel' And 'Avengers: Endgame'

Samuel L. Jackson Drops Major "Avengers: End Game" Spoiler About Captain Marvel

Warning: potential spoilers for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame ahead! Ever since Nick Fury used that teched-out pager to call for Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War, we've been wondering what made her so special that she, above all others, was the one he chose to call when half the world's population began to disintegrate.

Either way, it's unlikely that the guy is feeling too happy after the events of Avengers: Infinity War, but you can expect both Bruce and his green alter ego to make a return when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019.

As quoted by Mashable, the Hollywood star revealed that Captain Marvel can move through time. In fact, while Captain Marvel has a lot of powers in the comics, time travel has never been one of them, so that's why we're shocked to hear she'll have that power in the MCU. "She's one of the few people in the Marvel universe that can time travel". To add fuel to fire, Samuel L Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, recently hinted that all the dead superheroes might make a comeback through time travel and all thanks to Captain Marvel.

"Now we know that we need something that's as powerful as Thanos".

Wait, Captain Marvel can time travel?

These photos showed Captain America, Ant-Man, and Iron Man with circular like devices on their hands.

Even keener-eyed Avengers lovers noticed the costumes were anachronistic. The ones who were martyred in Avengers: Infinity War while protecting everyone.

The first "Endgame" trailer didn't provide many answers.

But her time travelling abilities are likely to be integral to the resurrection of the fallen Avengers.

Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame are nearly upon us, but that didn't stop actor Samuel L. Jackson from dropping a huge spoiler that changes everything.

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