Canadian aviation crews send pizza to NY colleagues affected by shutdown

Pizzas Across The Border For Controllers

Canadian aviation crews send pizza to NY colleagues affected by shutdown

Canadian air traffic controllers from the Atlantic province towns of Gander and Moncton ordered pizzas for the crew working at the control center in Ronkonkoma, Long Island on Friday, according to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

That includes air traffic controllers, like those working in the New York Air Traffic Control Center, who, while they're still waiting for their paychecks, received a tasty symbol of solidarity from their colleagues across the Canadian border.

The SLJY says that there has been no progress in contract negotiations.

Canadian controllers coast to coast have been rallying together to send surprise pizza deliveries to more than 50 control towers stateside in the past few days.

Talks on a new contract for the controllers have dragged on for more than a year.

Democrats have rejected his request for funding to build it and say they will not negotiate further until the government is reopened.

The head of the Canadian Air Traffic Control Association (CATCA) said the idea took root on Thursday when employees at a control center in Edmonton, Alberta, made a decision to buy pizza pies for controllers in Anchorage, Alaska - almost 2,000 miles away.

About a quarter of the federal government is still out of operation until a spending plan is agreed.

An image of the notice was posted to Reddit by David Lombardo, a former air traffic controller at the Long Island center, and was posted by other employees on Twitter.

The air traffic controller was placing an order for pies to be sent to colleagues working at Anchorage's Ted Stevens global airport, a cheesy show of support for the American air traffic controllers are contending with a government partial shutdown.

'As it stands right now, I believe we're up to 36 facilities that have received pizza from Canada, and that number is growing by the hour'.

A three-week government shutdown has resulted in 800,000 essential workers across the USA working without pay.

"It's just a really good shot in the arm of positive energy and positive emotion to know that, 'Hey they've got our back, '" Church told CBC.

"It was a natural thing for them to do". That's just one example of the generosity showed by Canadian controllers to their American colleagues.

The partial government shutdown - now in its 24th day - has become the longest in U.S. history.

"We are very proud of the thoughtfulness that our controllers have shown to their colleagues in the USA, proud but not surprised", he told the news outlet.

Controllers from both countries interact "on a daily basis" and have "a bond there, automatically" as they manage North American airspace, Ron Singer, the national media manager for Nav Canada, said.

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