Search for two-year-old Spanish toddler in narrow well

Fears grow for boy, 2, who fell down 100‑metre well in Malaga

Search for two-year-old boy who fell into well in Spain

A massive rescue operation was under way today to find a two-year-old Spanish boy who fell down a well more than 100 metres deep.

The hole, in the area known as Dolmen Cerro de la Corona, had an opening of around 25cm in diameter and is thought to be around 110 meters deep.

One of the adults saw the child slip into the hole and he was heard screaming before becoming silent.

Relatives called emergency services at about 2pm and a search has...

About 100 rescuers, including firefighters and police, have so far found a bag of candies which the boy was holding when he disappeared.

Since the fall, authorities have lowered a camera into the well but as of yet they have not been able to locate the boy. Indeed, the Local reports it's possible that as the boy fell, the walls were disturbed, meaning dirt may be covering him.

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