Jon Snow - and death - take center stage in Game of Thrones trailer

Jon Snow's been waiting a long time for these final episodes.                  Macall B. Polay  HBO

Jon Snow's been waiting a long time for these final episodes. Macall B. Polay HBO

The Season 8 premiere is set to air on April 14, 2019, on HBO Canada, and there will be six episodes making up the season.

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Season eight will comprise of only six episodes, as opposed to seven from season seven and 10 from all the previous seasons.

Check it out below... Sansa will walk thoughtfully through the crypts of Winterfell. Winter has come, and that wind from an ice dragon's wings is cutting straight to the core of Game of Thrones fans everywhere.

In typical eerie style, the three can hear messages from dead family members Ned and Catelyn Stark as well as Lyanna Stark, Ned's sister/the mother Jon never knew. You may remember Royce as one of the unfortunate Night's Watchmen brutally killed by White Walkers in the very first scene of the show. The announcement was made in a video released just ahead of the "True Detective" Season 3 premiere on Sunday. Notably, Jon and Daenerys still have no idea they are related. Despite having fewer installments, those episodes are reported to all be longer than an hour, with some possibly at "feature" length.

They are greeted by Sansa Stark, who told Dany, "Winterfell is yours, Your Grace".

Fans of the George R.R. Martin's fantasy epic have been excitedly waiting for new details about the season ever since last week's teaser trailer hit the internet.

HBO isn't getting out of the "Game of Thrones" business.

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