Here’s Why Kanye West Actually Dropped Out Of Coachella 2019…

Kanye West

Kanye insisted Coachella build him a dome, became agitated over porta-potty logistical concerns

Billboard also reported that Coachella isn't the first festival West has pulled out of over the same last-minute dome idea, as he was nearly a headliner for Governers Ball in New York City before promoters turned down the request.

Kanye West reportedly pulled out of Coachella over a stage dispute.

Just when co-founder Paul Tollett was about to announce him in the lineup, West said that wanted to perform with a giant dome at the middle of the festival grounds instead of the main stage, according to Billboard.

West reportedly grew angry here, Billboard notes, "declaring that he was an artist with a creative vision who shouldn't be spending his time talking about port-a-potties". West planned to have set designer and frequent collaborator John McGuire design the makeshift arena; the rapper would have then performed on a stage located in the center. He hung up the phone on senior executives from Coachella's parent company, Goldenvoice, when he got the news.

Kanye's representatives have declined to comment on the report.

A source tells Billboard that West had taken the call while on vacation with his family and said it was Goldenvoice's responsibility to deal with the bathrooms.

It was also alleged that when Kanye was told his dome would not be built, he became irritated, and abruptly ended talks with Goldenvoice bosses. Less than 24 hours after West pulled out, Grande was confirmed for the final night. Australian rock band Tame Impala was elevated to the top headliner slot in December to replace Justin Timberlake, who dropped off the line-up after his rescheduled tour dates due to bruised vocal cords conflicted with Coachella's radius clause.

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