Milwaukee bus driver rescues wandering young toddler in the cold

Alert bus driver rescues one-year-old abandoned on busy road

Wisconsin Bus Driver Rescues Boy Running Down Sidewalk Alone

A female bus driver in the USA stopped her daily routine to pick up a passing 19-month-old toddler allegedly left outside in the cold all alone by her mother, camera footage revealed on Thursday. Video from security cameras on the bus show the toddler walking barefoot down a freeway overpass. After seeing the little boy walking down the sidewalk, Irena instantly sprung to his rescue while driving on her route on December 22. The driver stopped the bus, ran across the street and scooped up the infant.

She alerted the police and as she waited for them to arrive, a passenger removed her jacket and gave it to the child to keep him warm.

Ivic said she wouldn't hesitate to help if she were in the same situation again.

The baby was reunited with her father and Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele praised Ivic during a commendation ceremony, WISN reported.

Irena simply said she was grateful to be able to help, according to the statement.

The child went missing after officials believe her mother had a mental health crisis, the transit system statement said.

In the footage, the baby can be seen running down the street when Irena Ivic who works with the Milwaukee County Transit System spotted him. Authorities say the child was cold and frightened, but otherwise OK. The girl fell asleep in Ivic's arms.

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