HTC Vive New VR Product Heads To CES 2019

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On the other hand, HTC Vive Pro Eye is pretty much similar to the Cosmos VR headset, also boasting dual front-facing cameras, but it implements the eye-tracking tech.

HTC is pushing its efforts in the virtual reality (VR) headset business. Cosmos will be the first Vive headset to feature the "Vive Reality System", an entirely new design experience for VR.

Also announced was Viveport Infinity, a change to the Viveport subscription model. Tracking a user's eyes adds a new tool for developers to use in HTC Vive experiences down the road, and more importantly enables foveated rendering, a technique that prioritizes what a user is looking at.

The operations of the Viveport expanded by three-fold in terms of its content, subscribers, and sales in 2018 thanks to the availability of over 1,000 VR gaming content, according to HTC Viveport president Rikard Steiber. Fans can experience the new Vive Pro Eye starting in 2019. By making the headset prioritise graphics based on eye movements, the overall graphics requirements needed to run VR apps is reduced. "Our fans simply operate menus by using their eyes". Revealed alongside Cosmos, the "Vive Reality System" reimagines what VR should look like in the age of spatial computing, with fresh ways to display content and transport users between immersive environments. Until April 5 when Infinity becomes available, members of the subscription service could try five titles a month, but with Infinity there will no longer be a limit on the number of titles you can try. The headset does not require external sensors to track motion, allowing for it to be used in a wide variety of contexts. "We want VR to feel less like launching apps and instead like stepping between worlds", says Drew Bamford, VP, Creative Labs, HTC Vive.

The Vive Reality System will power experiences across the entire Vive product portfolio and will be available first on the Vive Cosmos released later this year.

If you own an all-in-one headset using Vive Wave, you can install Firefox Reality by searching for it in the Viveport store.

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