Utah Driver Participating in Viral ‘Bird Box Challenge’ Crashes Vehicle While Blindfolded

Driver who crashed while blindfolded was participating in ‘Bird Box Challenge’

Teen crashes in Layton while doing 'Bird Box' Challenge

The teen, who is not being named, then crossed over into oncoming traffic, hit a white SUV and crashed into a light pole, police said, according to ABC4.

The driver then lost control and slid into the westbound lane, striking a white passenger auto and a light pole near 675 Layton Parkway, Lyman said.

U.S. police say a Utah teenager crashed into another auto when she covered her eyes as part of the so-called "Bird Box Challenge".

Layton Police spokesman Lt. Travis Lyman told CBS News that a 17-year-old girl was driving with a 16-year-old passenger at the time of the crash.

There were no injuries reported in connection with the crash.

Have you seen Bird Box?

The movie inspired internet copycats to take on the "Bird Box challenge", in which people filmed themselves doing everyday tasks blindfolded.

"Bird Box Challenge while driving...predictable result".

The challenge "really hasn't been that risky, but inevitably somebody's going to do the monumentally stupid thing that is driving while blindfolded", a Colorado State Patrol officer said in a video message.

In the viral challenge, participants attempt to do ordinary things while blindfolded, which, again, is unsafe for obvious reasons.

As for the teen, she now faces reckless driving charges.

No one was injured in the crash - a relief to Netflix, which earlier this month issued a warning to fans of the film to lay off the blindfold stunts.

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