Samsung Galaxy M30 specs leak, include Infinity U display

Samsung Galaxy S10 First Leaked Photo Revealed

Leak claims Galaxy S10+ will have the same battery as the Galaxy Note 9

As the CES 2019 has started, the most significant gadget manufacturers will reveal dozens of products. It would be a new thing for many markets where Huawei devices are not available. Where this year's new "iPhone 11" is concerned, we saw the phone's updated design leak on Sunday. The display will be similar to what we have seen in Samsung Galaxy A8s a year ago. This is incredibly good news for fans, as it means that those who want to enjoy a premium experience but can not afford to pay too much will still get an unbelievable deal if they purchase the Galaxy S10 Lite. The Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 were all wonderfully sleek and powerful handsets... but they were also horribly boring. No worries if you can't be faffed, T3 will have everything you need to know about the new smartphone. As if that wasn't bad enough, Samsung also failed to add any notable new features to its 2018 flagship smartphone lineup.

Are you waiting for the Galaxy S10 launch?

Several renders can be found on the internet with some being "leaked" and others made by creative fans. Further, we have the toned-down Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite and a 5G S10 model is in the headlines too which could materialize since Snapdragon has already launched the X50 5G modem with SDM 855 and few devices across the globe have already harnessed it such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G and others.

There's plenty that has been rumored about the S10 range though, with leaks pointing to there being at least three different models, an in-screen fingerprint scanner, a top-end chipset, a pinhole camera on the front and three (or possibly even more) cameras on the rear.

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