CES 2019: Samsung to bring 8K TVs to local market

CES conference

US government officials have pulled out of the biggest annual tech conference Credit AFP

Samsung has unveiled a 75-inch 4K TV microLED TV, created to offer seamless integration into a living room and provide a more immersive viewing experience. Support on 2018 Samsung Smart TVs will be made available via a firmware update. Latest of the bunch has got to be the new LG Signature OLED TV R. The "R" stands for its rollable screen, a 3-millimeter OLED panel that rises from a thin rectangular volume at its base.

"The participation of the Ukrainian companies in such a large-scale event as CES 2019 demonstrates the importance of developing the innovative vector in Ukraine's cooperation with the United States and the interest of potential investors in Ukrainian ideas", the embassy said. The screen uses plastic and OLED tech, which in addition to having fantastic image quality is also capable of bending. However, the company wants to be recognised for being more than a budget-brand, thus the introduction of an 8K Quantum Dot TV at CES this year. They come to see what's hot, or what might eventually be hot, in gadgets, TVs and even cars.

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