Safety System Helps Stop Southwest Jet’s Skid On Burbank Runway


The Southwest 737. Credit Moe Storch

A Southwest Airlines plane taxis on the runway at airline's hub at Dallas Love Field March 12, 2008, in Dallas, Texas. No injuries were reported.

Flight 278, a Boeing 737-700 that originated in Oakland, California, came to a stop after running through an area of crushable material created to bring an airplane to a halt, he said.

Southwest Airlines says it is canceling all its flights at the airport until at least 1.55pm.

According to reports, the plane initiated its emergency stop system once it rolled off the runway at Bob Hope Airport, also known as Hollywood Burbank Airport.

An image of the scene shows passengers being helped off the plane by fire fighters and officials in yellow high-vis jackets.

"We were primed for something to happen", Colette Carlson said, adding that she couldn't see outside during landing because of water covering her window, but she could feel that the plane was heading towards the end of the runway.

A unique safety system that has been installed at several Bay Area airports may have prevented a catastrophic crash of a Burbank-bound flight out of Oakland Thursday morning.

The incident occurred on the same Burbank runway where 43 people were injured in March 2000 after a Southwest 737-300 overshot a runway.

Up to a half inch apparently fell in just 60 minutes, and over six hours the area received 1.66 inches of rain when its monthly average is 2.4 inches.

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