Donald Trump slams Paris Agreement in tweet commenting on French riots

Gilet Jaunes protest

HORRIFIC The man's hand was blown clean off during the protest in Bordeaux

France is preparing for more "yellow vest" anti-government protests, putting the nation on high alert as tens thousands of security forces were deployed to prevent the demonstrations from turning violent.

It is feared that the viral videos could further inflame the "yellow vest" protests, which have led to the worst rioting Paris has seen in decades.

About 100 have been detained, many for possessing risky objects like fireworks or wearing clothing that could be used as protection in clashes with police.

Many economists and scientists, however, say higher fuel taxes are essential to saving the planet from worsening climate change.

"We can not take the risk when we know the threat", Culture Minister Franck Riester told RTL radio, adding that far-right and far-left agitators were planning to hijack rallies by "yellow vest" protesters in Paris.

ASSOCIATED PRESS Demonstrators vandalise a branch of American coffee chain Starbucks in Paris, France.

"10,000 is not the people, it's not France", he argued, despite polls showing the protesters enjoying strong public support. "And in case they set up barricades, we can quickly clear out the space and let our units progress".

But that didn't deter many people from trying to march on the presidential palace Saturday.

Others lined up for police searches and bag checks throughout central Paris.

Speaking on French TV, he implored: "We will do all we can so that today can be a day without violence, so that the dialogue that we started this week can continue in the best possible circumstances".

Macron this week gave in to some of the protesters' demands for measures to help the poor and struggling middle classes, including scrapping a planned increase in fuel taxes and freezing electricity and gas prices in 2019.

Blue armoured vehicles rumbled across cobblestone streets from the Arc de Triomphe across toward eastern Paris as scattered demonstrations spread around the city.

On Friday he met gendarmes in the eastern Paris suburb of Nogent-sur-Marne ahead of the Saturday demonstrations.

"These past three weeks have produced a monster that its creators no longer control", Interior Minister Castaner said on Friday, vowing "zero tolerance" toward those aiming to wreak further destruction.

In the Netherlands, about 100 protesters gathered in a peaceful demonstration outside the Dutch parliament in The Hague.

"The troublemakers can only be effective when they disguise themselves as yellow vests". You can't get housing anymore.

"But there's something not right here: if we demonstrate peacefully, the government ignores us".

In the video, which was first posted online in June, demonstrators chant "we want Trump" in English as a man in a rubber Trump mask stands on top of a bus.

Nationwide, 89,000 police officers were out in force in towns, cities and on numerous motorways which caused havoc on France's road network.

Macron agreed to abandon the fuel tax hike, but that has not defused the anger, embodied by the fluorescent safety vests French motorists are required to keep in their cars.

Paris police also reportedly asked dozens of shops and restaurants around the Champs Elysees and Bastille, which have been some of the main spots of the protests, to close.

Demonstrators wearing yellow vests march down the Champs Elysees in Paris, France, on Saturday, December 8, 2018.

Protesters using social media have billed the weekend as "Act IV" in a dramatic challenge to Mr Macron and his policies.

Some stores along the city's elegant Champs-Elysees Avenue had boarded up their windows as though bracing for a hurricane, but the storm struck anyway, this time at the height of the holiday shopping season. Police removed any materials from the streets that could be used as weapons, especially at construction sites in high-risk areas.

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