Aquaman: Warners Reportedly Already Talking About A Potential Sequel

Source Google Images

Source Google Images

This report comes at a time when Warner still looking for more key pillars of its DC Extended Universe, as the future landscape of that megafranchise continues to take shape in the wake of Justice League. While there haven't been any official reviews yet, there has been plenty of social media reactions for it for those who have had a chance to see it. Warners seems to be confident enough to grant early screenings to Amazon Prime subscribers, and it looks like their confidence isn't stopping there.

Throughout the movie, it is Mera who guides and trains Aquaman (Jason Momoa) on this new world he's never been a part of, as well as saving his ass on more than one occasion.

Fight for the Throne in New Aquaman Clip

Tracking estimates show that Aquaman is expected to make $65 million for its USA opening later this month, beating Mary Poppins Returns and the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, which open at the same time. Reportedly, no writer for the film has yet been hired, let alone a director, but the studio's confidence in the performance of the first film is high, so the sooner the second installment is in the pipeline, the better. It seems like a lot will ultimately hinge on how this is received and how well it performs at the box office. According to the report, she was paid a low-seven-figure salary for Aquaman, meaning she earned at least $1 million to appear in the movie.

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