Dauntless to Become Truly Cross-Platform with Console & Mobile Releases in 2019

Dauntless is coming to the Epic Games Store, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and mobile, with cross-platform play

‘Dauntless’ Confirmed For Consoles, Coming In 2019

The announcement was made during this evening's Game Awards 2018 along with the news that Dauntless will be launching on the Epic Games store platform.

It's great to see that this game will be cross-play between a variety of devices. When a player logs into their One Dauntless account, they will retain all of their progression, customization and purchased items across all supported platforms.

Not only will the game be available for nearly all platforms, but progression will be retained regardless of which platform you move to. The studio notes that it's their goal to provide "seamless cross-platform play, progression and account management across all platforms, worldwide".

Lastly, the latest expansion for Dauntless, Frostfall, has also launched on PC now. As part of Phoenix Labs" "One Dauntless' initiative, cross-platform play will be enabled. The winter-based update will include a new monster, known as Valomyr, that players can begin hunting.

Additionally, the Dauntless Hunt Pass will be available on December 6, and will give new challenges to undertake with big reward payouts for completing them. The Hunt Pass will retail for $10 and will feature exclusive content that you won't be able to earn elsewhere. Now it's just in beta form on PC, but that's going to change as of tonight's Game Awards announcement. You can check this out below along with some new images showing off some of the game's new Frostfall content.

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