Nintendo and Marvel unite for Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3- the gang's all here

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 – the gang’s all here

That implies that Marvel has dropped the restrictions on film licences that have affected most Marvel games in recent years. But come 2019, that will change and the Switch will be getting its first major, serious non-LEGO Marvel superhero title.

All your favourite Marvel heroes are coming to punch Thanos in his wrinkly purple chin in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, developed by Team Ninja.

The game is being published by Nintendo. Check out the reveal trailer above! It's like Super Smash Bros. but with Marvel characters.

In case you're not familiar, the Ultimate Alliance games were isometric action-RPGs that pulled together heroes and villains across the Marvel multiverse to face down world-ending threats like Dr. Doom and Galactus.

More than just the story and the action, the Switch incarnation of the game will offer unique co-op battle experiences.

Marvel surprised everyone when it was announced the next entry in the Ultimate Alliance would be coming next year exclusively to Nintendo Switch tonight at The Game Awards. With another pair of Joy-Con™ controllers (sold separately), four players can team up on one system! It wouldn't be a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game without the X-Men. It remains to be seen, however, if the Ultimate Alliance still has the same loyal following it had a decade ago and if the Switch exclusivity will do more harm than good.

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