CS:GO introduces 'Danger Zone' battle royale mode, goes free-to-play

Valve’s CS:GO is the latest to shove in a battle royale mode

Now that it’s free-to-play, CS:GO’s player count is rocketing

Fans expecting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to announce a new battle royale mode got an extra gift on Thursday. Yes, you read that right! Valve limited the game mode to just 18 players-16 if you're solo queuing-and designed the mode to all but guarantee that individual matches are over within 10 minutes. Using the traditional mechanics and tactical gameplay that CS:GO is known for, Danger Zone challenges players to take what they know and use it in the ultimate battle for survival.

However, there's also the option to spend $19.50 to attain "Prime" status, which drops you into a special matchmaking pool and makes you eligible for "Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases". Players may also purchase Prime Status on Steam for $14.99.

Valve dropped two big Counter-Strike: Global Offensive announcements overnight.

If you previously bought CS:GO, your account status will be upgraded to Prime. This change will bring a flood of new players to the games casual, competitive, and now battle royale scene.

In addition, you'll have access to a tablet that can be used to track deliveries and opponents' positions.

Delivery drones sometimes have a mind of their own, but always manage to find you outside when you need them most.

Danger Zone sounds like what you'd expect from any battle royale mode.

Valve have also released an extensive FAQ on Danger Zone to answer all of the burning questions that players might have. Squads feature 18 players.

For new players, the option to play until reaching Prime Status or pay their way there is available. But only time will tell if CS:GO's BR mode will get a taste of success.

As far as items go, every match includes a set of pistols, rifles, heavy weapons, and SMGs taken from the long list of weapons in "CS:Go". Medi-Shot is available as the antidote to recover health quickly during the Danger Zone mode.

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