New 'Far Cry New Dawn' Gameplay Revealed

Far Cry New Dawn

'Far Cry New Dawn' turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

New Dawn is set for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 15.

Unfortunately, it appears that Capcom has signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft and the first demo of it will be made available exclusively on Xbox One tomorrow. There will be some returning characters from Far Cry 5, however, although they'll understandably be changed by the passage of time (and a nuclear war). This game takes the fantasy from purely local to global, we're told, as you see how the world beyond Montana has fared over the last 17 years.

The shirtless man on the "New Dawn" box art sort of resembles Seed and could be a member of his cult. Those people that survived have emerged into a new Super Bloom biome; colourful and full of life. Left unattended, the Highwaymen will retake them and increase security, upping the difficulty each time you come a-knockin'.

The player will be cast in the role of a survivor facing an entirely new threat in the form of the Highwaymen, a band of scavengers, led by The Twins, Mickey and Lou - the main antagonists of New Dawn.

The front cover depicts a white man strapped to the hood of a bullethole-ridden auto as two black females look at the camera menacingly.

There seems little point trying to hide the fact anymore, since all the marketing already gives it away, but Far Cry 5 ends with a nuclear attack and New Dawn picks up a generation later in the same location.

You'll have a home base called prosperity that you'll need to rebuild. Whether we will see more animal companions joining us hasn't been confirmed yet.

Beloved video game pup, Boomer, is dead. Thankfully, then, co-op is also where this sequel looks the most promising. It's a system that's meant to encourage you to repeat these missions over and over, but it also has the potential to drive the "anecdote factory" with a friend in co-op.

"[Expedition maps are] one square kilometer by one square kilometer, so it's fairly large".

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