Aston Martin can cram an EV powertrain into a classic Aston cars

Aston's EV conversion preserves heritage (and the planet)

Aston Martin Will Convert its Classics to Electric – Then Convert Them Back Again if You Want

"I believe this not only makes Aston Martin unique, but a truly forward-thinking leader in this field".

Let's say for a minute that you rather fancy the idea of going more environmentally-friendly by driving an EV, but have an inescapable obsession with classic Aston Martins. To combat this fear, Aston Martin will offer EV powertrain conversions for its heritage models.

The new package, catchily named a "reversible electric cassette powertrain" by Aston Martin, is housed where the engine and gearbox would usually sit.

Aston Martin will use the same battery electric technology that will soon appear in their first all-electric model, the Rapide E. The power unit is self-contained meaning that the original combustion engine can easily be refitted at a later date should the owner so choose.

Aston Martin is built on a rich history, so it'll be keen to make sure its classic cars aren't consigned to museum halls and climate-controlled garages. The cassette also features power cords which supply electricity to the car's electrical system and the entire energy management system can be monitored via a dedicated screen that has been discreetly mounted in the cabin.

Remember a few months ago when Jaguar announced it would be offering reversible EV motors to all of its E-Type owners?

Enthusiastic fans have also turned Porsche 911s, Ford Mustangs, AC Cobras and Volkswagen Beetles to electric power, keen to blend their classic looks with properly modern underpinnings.

The only physical change to the vehicle is a subtle power management screen inside.

"We have been looking for some time to find a way of protecting our customers' long-term enjoyment of their cars". The program is expected to start in 2019 under the Heritage EV banner.

Aston Martin said the Heritage EV solution is part of its wider electrification effort that includes the development by Aston Martin Works of the Rapide E and an all-new range of electric-powered Lagondas.

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