SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lands in ocean after successful cargo launch

SpaceX Booster Heads for Ocean

SpaceX Booster Heads for Ocean

Despite this off-nominal recovery, Falcon 9 successfully placed Cargo Dragon into what John Insprucker deemed a highly accurate orbit, leaving the spacecraft to make its way to the International Space Station between now and Saturday.

At the moment, SpaceX is really inspired with his success against models of Falcon 9, and will probably continue his experiments with the rocket - however, it remains only to wait for that. As USA Today notes, the rocket's booster was the first Falcon 9 to launch three missions, an important part of the company's plan to reduce costs by reusing rockets.

Now, SpaceX head honcho Elon Musk has shared some clearer video of what, exactly, happened and what went wrong on the Falcon's journey back to Earth.

Following stage separation, the first stage booster landed safely on one of SpaceX's sea-faring pads, the Just Read the Instructions drone-ship in the Pacific Ocean. Musk noted via Twitter. Moreover, when the rocket successfully landed on the court - delivering the ongoing mission of the SSO-A SmallSat Express more than 60 satellites from 35 partners to orbit - SpaceX experts also noted that the missile does not require any lengthy and complicated fix work, thereby indicating that subsequent start will be made, apparently, without any visible technical changes. The booster hovered just over the water, then toppled out of view - the first failure over land in the last 12 tries, though that's not quite how one of SpaceX's top engineers painted it. "Public safety was well-protected here", Hans Koenigsmann offered after the launch. (2,500 kilograms) of supplies to the space station's six-person crew.

Researchers expect a tenfold increase in the worm population.

But as the Associated Press reports, the launch was delayed by a day because food for some of the station's other residents was moldy.

Most recently, a Falcon 9 that launched from California included a booster with two previous launches under its belt.

SpaceX has been making station deliveries for NASA since 2012. The Monday Soyuz trip marked the first crew flight since an anomaly during launch grounded another crew in October.

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