China is preparing to buy U.S. liquefied gas and soybeans again

Trump claims 'BIG leap forward' in China trade talks, but details unclear

Gen. Keane: U.S.-China Trade Truce Is 'A Step in the Right Direction' for Trump

Trump agreed Saturday to postpone U.S. tariff hikes in a fight over technology by 90 days while the two sides negotiate.

The leaders attended the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The president was back on Twitter early Wednesday morning with a new series of tweets - this time promoting his faith in his Chinese deal, which he made after a two and a half hour dinner with Xi on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina.

"I think this is more about delaying the inevitable as much as [the Chinese] possibly can", Keane, a Fox News senior strategic analyst, said. China's crude oil imports from the US had ground to a halt. "China is willing to increase imports in accordance with the needs of its domestic markets and the people's needs, Wang said, "including marketable products from the United States, to gradually ease the imbalance in two-way trade". Take that step and see if they can make more progress, I think, is likely where [Trump] is coming from".

Stocks sank on Tuesday, with the Dow Jones plummeting nearly 800 points, amid concerns about the health of the USA economy and uncertainty about what specifically Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping had agreed to at the G-20 summit in Argentina three days prior, but US equity futures rose Wednesday after Beijing confirmed the news.

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Among the conflicting assertions that White House officials made was over whether China had actually agreed to drop its 40% tariffs on USA autos.

'Very strong signals being sent by China once they returned home from their long trip, including stops, from Argentina.

We are either going to have a REAL DEAL with China, or no deal at all - at which point we will be charging major Tariffs against Chinese product being shipped into the United States. The deal will also keep, at least for now, Trump from placing another $267 billion worth of Chinese goods under tariffs. Very good things will happen.

Chinese purchases for the aforementioned products have almost completely halted after Beijing imposed tariffs on them in response to the USA tariffs on Chinese goods.

The 90-day timetable started Saturday and will stave off a round of tariffs on Beijing that were scheduled to go into effect on January 1, the White House said on Monday.

Both sides will immediately hold talks on structural changes concerning forced technology transfers made by Chinese firms on USA companies, intellectual property rights protection, non-tariff trade barriers, cyber intrusion concerns, cyber theft and agricultural, the White House added.

Chinese State Councilor Wang Yi told reporters, "The two presidents agreed that the two sides can and must get bilateral relations right".

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