Burger King Looks To 'Detour' Folks On Way To McD's 12/05/2018

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Burger King is offering Whoppers for one cent in a new promotion aimed at trolling McDonald's.

The catch? You have to be within 600 feet of a McDonalds.

The "Whopper for a penny" promotion relies on customers' phones proving they are near a McDonald's so they can order a cheap Burger King burger online. Get more information here.

Once the order is placed, the app will navigate the user to the nearest Burger King for pickup.

Another customer, Sten Drescher, wrote: "I wanted to take you up on this offer, but once I reached McDonald's, I discovered that none of the nearby Burger Kings did mobile ordering, a requirement of this offer". Burger King also released a promotional video to coincide with the marketing ploy.

Whopper Detour
Be prepared to confuse some McDonald's

We're still on the fence about whether the new promotion is clever or downright freaky, but hey, a Whopper for one cent is a pretty good deal.

The Miami-based fast-food restaurant chain debuted the promotion Tuesday.

The promotion "works by geofencing McDonald's locations across the country", Burger King said in a statement.

In a later tweet, the company joked: "morning everyone. if you happen to be going to McDonald's today, drive safe".

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