Ubisoft teases post-apocalyptic Far Cry project

Post-apocalyptic Far Cry to be unveiled tomorrow

Post-Apocalyptic Far Cry Teased By Ubisoft, Reveal Coming Thursday

However, there has tended to be several years between games. Now a leak of the game's Xbox One cover art has popped up on Twitter, revealing the new game's title as Far Cry: New Dawn.

The trailer begins by showing a mysterious young woman roaming a brightly coloured, overgrown landscape, punctuated by streaks of striking yellow and purple flora.

It's being speculated based on the visual effects as well as thumbnail above that this game would be set in a post apocalyptic Hope County.

It's worth noting that none of the branding or wording in this trailer specifically mentions Far Cry 5.

Are you excited for a post-apocalyptic Far Cry game?

So, first things first: this trailer is teasing a direct continuation of Far Cry 5's storyline, which - as you definitely know after watching that clip - ends with a whole bunch of nuclear bombs going off. It seems Ubisoft is following a similar path to previous Far Cry games, like when the third game was followed by Blood Dragon and the fourth was followed shortly thereafter with Primal. I suppose we won't have to wait too long to find out! Ubisoft has confirmed that more will be revealed at The Game Awards, which takes place on December 6in the U.S and painfully early on December 7in Europe. Because of this, it seems likely that whatever this new game is for will be an entirely separate experience rather than just DLC for FC5.

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