George W. Bush passes candy to Michelle Obama at his father’s funeral

REMEMBERING BUSH D.C. bids farewell to 41st president

REMEMBERING BUSH D.C. bids farewell to 41st president

'This is the least I could do for President Bush, ' he said. It's the largest-ever missing man formation attempted by the Navy.

President George H.W. Bush will lie in repose at his home church in Houston on Wednesday ahead of his burial Thursday.

The current president, who has had a contentious public feud with the Bush family, earlier had declared Wednesday a national day of mourning, closing federal agencies, suspending regular mail delivery and closing stock markets.

This is the eighth funeral train in US history and the first since Dwight D. Eisenhower's body traveled from the National Cathedral in Washington through seven states to his Kansas hometown of Abilene 49 years ago.

While Bush's casket was escorted from the aircraft to the hearse, several other family members trailed behind. He then pushed the item into Michelle Obama's hand, before going around the front of the pew to say hello to the Clintons and Carters. Trump had called the trade deal unfair to the USA and moved to replace it.

A sign reads, "President George H.W. Bush Thank You For A Lifetime Of Service", as it hangs from a building next to the rail lines where Union Pacific No. 4141 will be bearing the coffin of President George H.W. Bush on December 05, 2018 in Navasota, Texas.

The 43rd USA president had also given Michelle Obama a mint during the memorial service in September for Arizona Senator John McCain. Abraham Lincoln's funeral train was the first, in 1865.

Mourners gathered at the airport to pay their respects to Bush as a black hearse waited for the flag-draped casket on the tarmac. Dole, who is 95, was helped from his wheelchair to stand and salute his fellow World War II veteran. He served in Congress, as ambassador to the United Nations, chaired the Republican National Committee, was an envoy to China, director of the Central Intelligence Agency and vice president before being elected president in 1988.

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