Pete Davidson blocks Ariana Grande on social media

Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' bests Adele to fastest 100 million views

Ariana Grande asks fans to be 'gentler' with her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson

'I am champagne, ' the 25-year-old singer said.

Grande references the failed engagement in her new hit, "Thank U, Next".

Grande responded that she cares "deeply about Pete and his health".

The song thank u, next was released just three weeks after Grande and Davidson, whose engagement in June 2018 - after dating for less than two months - became a celebrity media sensation, split up in October. "But the other part of me was like, 'That's lovely and I need to keep it in.' I know that once I put something into a song, then it's real". I've been getting online bullied and in public by people for 9months.

As Buzzfeed pointed out, the voiceover host of the segment may have been confused by the fact that Troye's bleached blond hair looks sort of like Pete Davidson's bleached blond hair: "It appears that she shoves a Pete Davidson look alike", he suggested.

'I just want you guys to know.

Ariana Grande's 'thank u, next' bests Adele to fastest 100 million views

Davidson writes, "No matter how hard the internet or anyone tries to make me kill myself, I won't".

"I can't even say "Good morning" to anyone without crying", she tells the magazine, before revealing the bright side of her tough year. To all those holding me down and seeing this for ehat it is -I see you and I love you, he added. "This [album's] not particularly uplifting", she says.

She wrote on Instagram: "I know u already know this but I feel I need to remind my fans to please be gentler with others. I want to do it on my own terms from now on", she says.

She continued: "So please let whatever point you're trying to make go".

'I've always been way better at giving lots of love and chances and acceptance and forgiveness to other people but none to myself.

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