Nvidia announces Titan RTX

NVIDIA officially unveils its flagship Titan RTX GPU

Nvidia Titan RTX: 130 TFLOPS of deep learning performance

During the conference on Neural Information Processing Systems in Montreal, the RTX Titan dubbed as the T-rex was shown off by the NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang. Now, the company has announced another model aimed firmly at those with extremely deep pockets: The Titan RTX.

These properties are rated to deliver up to 130 teraflops (TFLOPs) in deep-learning power and 11 GigaRays in terms of ray-tracing performance.

On the specs-front, the Titan RTX, which lacks the GeForce branding of Nvidia's previous RTX cards, offers 72 RT cores and 24GB of high-speed GDDR6 memory with 672GB/s of bandwidth; besting the RTX 2080 Ti's 68 RT cores and 11GB of GDDR6 memory.

Following a rash of strategic "leaks" by social media influencers, NVIDIA on Monday formally introduced its Titan RTX graphics card, a heavy-hitting accelerator that the company is appropriately billing as "the world's most powerful desktop GPU".

NVIDIA officially unveils its flagship Titan RTX GPU

"The introduction of T-Rex puts Turing within reach of millions of the most demanding PC users - developers, scientists and content creators". The fully-armed TU102 GPU and high core clock make the Titan RTX the fastest single gaming card around for those who can stomach its price, but gamers aren't really this card's raison d'ĂȘtre. Data analytics are accellerated through the use of open source RAPIDS libraries, which integrate with the most popular data science workflows to help to speed up machine learning.

The Titan RTX graphics card will be available in both the U.S. and Europe later this month for $2,499.

Performance and memory bandwidth for real-time 8K video editing.

VirtualLink port provides the performance and connectivity required by next-gen VR headsets. Researchers will also be able to leverage NVLink to combine two Titan RTXs when working with large data sets.

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