Jeff Bezos Is Just Trying To Troll Trump On 'Saturday Night Live'

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Steve Carell as Jeff Bezos on ‘Saturday Night Live’ trolls Trump just days after Amazon picks HQ2 sites

On late-night television, Jeff Bezos, as played by host Steve Carell, was live from NY in a "Saturday Night Live" spoof that hinted at why the tech giant may have chosen Queens and Northern Virginia. "You wouldn't have to do those sad movies anymore".

The actor suggested to Helms, "Why don't we just have a party instead?" "She said, 'Steve, don't be a dick, do the reboot".

Fischer asked Carell if he remembered the "last words Pam secretly whispered to Michael on "The Office".

Carell reiterated that he didn't think a reboot would be "as good" as the original and that he didn't think it was a good idea - even when Kemper told him she "needed that money".

And, if you're thinking that Nancy Carrell is Steve Carrell's wife, that's correct.

"Everyone, except for the people who live there, and the people who live in all the places we didn't choose, is thrilled", Carrel said. But what you may not have guessed is that their comedic take on the whole affair has nothing to do with Amazon's million dollar incentives or the destruction of local businesses and culture, but rather that the deal is just part of Jeff Bezos' longterm obsession with publicly trolling archenemy Donald Trump.

Carell later polled the audience, who responded enthusiastically, and invited the three former Office co-stars to come up on stage so he could make an announcement.

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