Trump continues to blame wildfires on forest mismanagement

California wildfire rescue crews increase efforts ahead of rain; at least 77 dead

Death toll rises to 76 in California fire with winds ahead

President Donald Trump acknowledged Californians suffering from twin tragedies, walking through the ashes of a mobile home and RV park in a small northern town all-but-destroyed by deadly wildfires and privately consoling people grieving after a mass shooting at a popular college bar outside Los Angeles. A full cover of haze and the smell of smoke greeted the president upon his arrival at Beale Air Force Base near Sacramento.

On Saturday morning, before flying out to California, Trump faulted the state yet again, saying: "We will be talking about forest management". "And I thought that was a very positive thing".

Michelle Mack Couch, 49, lost the home she was renting in Paradise and helped patients escape through a wall of flames as an employee at a nursing facility.

That isn't clear. Butte County Sheriff's Investigations Sgt. Steve Collins told CNN that authorities are working from a list of people whose loved ones have called in welfare checks for them or have reported them missing.

However officials are informing the public, the list of missing people is fluid, and could easily contain duplicate names, after the list hit a thousand names Friday night.

Paradise, incinerated by wind-driven fires described as a blow torch, was empty except for dust-covered emergency services personnel.

The president was accompanied on his visit by chief of staff John Kelly and Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Governor-Elect Gavin Newsom has been trading insults with Trump for most of the year, but grievances were set aside during the visit of the devastation caused by the so-called Camp Fire. Trump tweeted while heading west on Air Force One.

Jhonathan Clark walks in what was his house, destroyed by Camp fire, in Paradise, California, on November 15, 2018.

The US president, who has blamed poor forest management for the fire, expressed his sadness after seeing some of the devastation in Paradise, in the north, and meeting with first responders. "They spend a lot of time raking and cleaning and doing things, and they don't have any problem", Trump said.

Days ago Trump threatened to cut federal funding to California over its alleged "gross mismanagement" of forests.

With President Trump blaming forest management for California wildfires, many wonder about the role of climate change-and scientists say it is a factor, National Geographic reports. "I want a great climate and we're going to have that and we're going to have forests that are very safe".

In Chico, volunteers had erected a tented encampment for evacuees.

"Just trying to make it day by day".

Trump said he was happy with his Cabinet but was thinking about changing "three or four or five positions".

Officials in California said that 71 people have died from the raging Camp Fire and that more than 1,000 people are missing.

No wildfire in California's history has done more damage than the Camp Fire.

Guilfoyle and Newsom, who was a San Francisco city supervisor at the time, married in 2001. The Golden Gate Bridge was shrouded in thick smog. Unlike, Paradise, which was home to many retirees on modest incomes, Malibu is the classic home of the California dream - for those who can afford it.

Search teams with cadaver dogs have combed through rubble-strewn expanses of burned-out neighbourhoods looking for bodies.

At the height of the fires last week, around 250,000 people were under mandatory evacuation orders but a number of those orders have now been lifted, as people are slowly returning home, even as both major fire fronts are still burning.

More than a week later, firefighters have managed to carve containment lines around 55 per cent of the blaze's perimeter. Four of the shelters now have norovirus outbreaks, and are getting worse every day.

While the cause of the Camp Fire remains under investigation, a lawsuit has been filed against the local power company, PG&E, by fire victims claiming negligence.

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