Canada in Talks With Pakistan Over Asylum For Aasia Bibi

Justin Trudeau has said Canada is a welcoming place

Image Justin Trudeau has said Canada is a welcoming place

Canada is working with the Pakistani government to give refuge to a Christian woman who was sentenced to death for alleged blasphemy.

"We urge the Government of Pakistan to secure Bibi's and her family's safe exit from the country", said Paul Coleman, executive director of ADF International, the human rights organisation that advocates for religious freedom and that has organised the letter.

It is against that background that the Irish government has an urgent opportunity to offer Asia Bibi sanctuary. The photo is actually of Aasia's daughter two years ago.

Imram Khan's government have quickly moved to appease protesters, and have slapped a no-fly list ban on Asia Bibi as part of a political deal with Tehreek-e-Labbaik, a fast-growing party which brought hordes of men onto the streets demanding that Ms Bibi be hanged. The lawmaker's constituency is in a deeply conservative region in the country's northwestern.

"There is a need to check the unchecked social media and bring it within the ambit of law", he said, adding that fake news and fake notifications come up from fake accounts on social media on nearly daily basis and needed to be checked. The pictures were widely circulated on social media in Pakistan.

"We are trying to seek co-operation from Twitter and Facebook against such fake news", Chaudhry added.

"The reality is that the government of Pakistan has indicated that they support the Supreme court decision". They have demanded her public execution and have filed a petition to repeal her acquittal.

In Pakistan, negotiations have stalled over Asia Bibi's asylum.

Her husband has said the family is in danger and has pleaded for asylum from the UK, US or Canada.

On Tuesday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program", Faithwire writer Will Maule joined Glenn to discuss the plight of Asia Bibi, a 53-year-old Christian woman who was sentenced to death for charges of "blasphemy" in 2009 after she drank from the same tap as two Muslim women in Pakistan. The women later said Bibi had insulted the Prophet Muhammad, and she was charged with blasphemy.

The Netherlands offered temporary asylum to Bibi's lawyer, Saiful Malook, after he faced death threats.

Canada has said talks are under way about allowing her to go there. The government has indicated it will bar her from travelling overseas.

"I am well aware, as a former Foreign Secretary, of the constant threat to our overseas missions, but we can not allow the threat of violence to deter us from doing the right thing", he wrote in the letter seen by The Daily Telegraph.

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