Confusion over images claiming acquitted Christian woman has left Pakistan

Lawyer Seeks Asylum For Asia Bibi, Family In Netherlands

Punjab alone incurred losses of ‘Rs226 million’ due to TLP protests, SC told

While AFP said the discussions were about potentially offering Bibi and her family asylum, this was not confirmed by a government spokesman in Ottawa.

Bibi has been blocked from leaving Pakistan after the overturning of her conviction prompted a wave of protests by religiopolitical groups.

"There is a delicate domestic context that we respect which is why I don't want to say any more about that, but I will remind people Canada is a welcoming country", he added.

Her husband has appealed in particular to Britain, Canada and the US, claiming that Ms. Bibi's life would be in danger as long as she lived in Pakistan.

The Netherlands said on Monday (Nov 12) it has pulled several embassy staff members from Pakistan over persistent threats, reportedly from Islamists angry over anti-Islam tweets by the far-right politician Geert Wilders. Prime Minister Imran Khan fully backed the Supreme Court's decision in the Aasia Bibi case and warned protesters against clashing with the state.

Bibi's ordeal dates back to 2009 when she went to fetch water for herself and fellow farmworkers.

A mob accused her a few days later of insulting Muhammad, which led to her 2010 conviction.

In a deal with the hard-line Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) party that ended the protests, the Pakistani government on November 3 indicated that it will bar Bibi from traveling overseas pending a "review" of the Supreme Court's decision. Her lawyer, Saiful Malook, has been granted temporary asylum in the Netherlands after facing death threats.

Also, the Pakistan government on Monday rejected some reports claiming Ms. Bibi had fled abroad, saying that the images on the social media showing her being greeted overseas were "fake".

Pakistan yesterday rubbished rumours about Christian woman Aasia Bibi's travel overseas after her acquittal in a blasphemy case. The supreme court judges ruled that the accusations against her...

Bibi's case is supported by the Vatican, while Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini recently suggested that Rome was working "discretely" with other Western countries on her case.

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