Tesla Model 3 Performance adds 'Track mode,' system detailed

A Software Update Turns The Tesla Model 3 Into A Drift Monster

Tesla is rolling out "Track Mode" update for Model 3 Performance

Tesla has officially begun rolling out its awaited "Track mode" for the Tesla Model 3 Performance. The electric-car maker confirmed the release via Twitter on Thursday and released details on how the system works on its website.

We learned initial details on the Track mode this past July, but Tesla fully detailed the major update for the Model 3 Performance and said the capability comes from Tesla's in-house vehicle-dynamics controller (VDC).

At its core, Track mode uses the dual-motor setup to send torque to the front or rear wheels. Unlike the on-off style switch of the BMW M5's all-wheel drive system, the Model 3 chooses to control the distribution of torque at the front and rear constantly, so after you've straightened up from a drift drive is reintroduced to the front axle. Thus, Track mode enables the Model 3 Performance to increase the car's ability to rotate through a turn.

In brief: Tesla's new Track Mode is a nifty addition for enthusiasts that like to put their cars - and driving skills - to the test on a road course. It also helps the VDC assist in rotation when the driver lifts off the accelerator.

Finally, there's a torque vectoring system which mimics the operation of a limited-slip differential through small brake and motor inputs. Tesla said the mode proactively reduces battery and drive unit temperatures and continues to cool them down between driving sessions.

"This requires lightning fast torque control and the ability for the vehicle to precisely regulate traction on each tire - both of which are standard features in every Tesla, but that we've expanded upon with Track Mode to make highly technical driving effortless", the company says. Tesla said it will also continuously update and improve Track mode in future over-the-air updates.

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