Divisive Trump era ushers record number of women into House

Pa. N.J. congressional election results Democrats gain four seats in Philly region

US elects record number of women to House | Bangkok Post: news

Whether it's Adam Schiff on the House Intelligence Committee, who has already promised to reopen the Trump/Russia probe that current chairman and former Trump campaign transition team member Devin Nunes shut down, or Maxine Waters on the Financial Services Committee, the president has his work cut out for him. According to the latest media reports, Republicans hold a 52-44 seat majority in the Senate.

"I did my best to reflect this constituency to the best of my ability", he said.

But more investigations, Republicans note, could also blow back against the Democrats for the 2020 USA election. Randy Hultgren in the 14 District.

Hultgren had won his last election by 18 points. "I mean, I think she could have won that race, but she didn't want to have any embrace".

"We can not win the state of Florida if we continue hemorrhaging those kinds of margins in red counties", Schale said.

Moreover, a record number of women also won races across the United States, and candidates of colour and LGBT people broke barriers.

Democrats won governorships on Tuesday in several US states that supported Republican President Donald Trump in 2016 but lost high-profile races in Florida and OH, as voters cast ballots in dozens of gubernatorial contests across the country. Trump's aggressive campaign blitz, which paid off in some key victories, suggests he is likely to continue leaning into the fray.

Early Wednesday, Trump warned Democrats against using their new majority to investigate his administration.

"We certainly will honor our responsibility as oversight of the executive branch", she told PBS.

As for Republicans retaining control of the Senate, she called it "a huge moment and victory for the president".

"Many Democrats support the president's trade agenda", lamented Dieter Kempf, the head of the Federation of German Industries, the main business lobby group in Germany, a leading exporter.

We can tell a little bit of his probable leanings from the way that he and his administration conducted the closing days of the campaign, leaning in on a friendly Senate map while abandoning a House fight which most political observers wrote off. Trump will declare himself the victor of the night and the savior of a Senate that was never in real danger of turning Democratic because he campaigned for winners in states that had voted for him (never mind the Democratic survivor in West Virginia, for example).

Democrats have regained control of the House from President Donald Trump's Republican Party in the midterm elections, powered by a suburban revolt that has threatened what's left of the president's governing agenda. They captured seats that had been held by Democrats in Indiana, Florida, Missouri, and North Dakota but lost a seat in Nevada (final Senate numbers weren't available as of this writing).

Ron DeSantis, who narrowly defeated Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum in the race for Florida governor, thanked Trump Tuesday night for "standing by me when it wasn't necessarily the smart thing to do". Considering this statement ignores how the Republican Party acted when President Barack Obama was in office (remember the fifty-plus attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act or how they stole a Supreme Court seat by not confirming Merrick Garland?) it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Few leaders have reclaimed the House speaker's office after losing it and, as the first woman to wield the gavel, Ms Pelosi's ascent would be a milestone.

Other House committees could investigate any future scandal that comes out of the Trump White House.

The confrontational tone on both sides may preview what is in store for the next two years of Trump's presidency.

In the Senate, Democrats were facing an uphill battle because they were defending 26 races, while just nine Republican seats were up for grabs.

President Donald Trump says Nancy Pelosi deserves to be Speaker of the House.

"He's got a ready-made explanation for why he can't get anything done in the next two years - and a pitch for what needs to change in the next election".

Overall, more voters disapproved of Trump's job performance than approved - a finding that is largely consistent with recent polling.

Thus, while Trump remains a minority president in terms of voter sentiment, he nevertheless enjoys a level of political clout that goes beyond his popularity level.

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