Dems Trying to Steal Florida Election? GOP Gov. Rick Scott Sounds Alarm

Orlando Florida. U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, who was campaigning in the area and outgoing Republican Florida Gov. Ric

Florida Recounts for Senate Governor Likely Beginning of a Long Battle Jeff J Mitchell Getty Images 8 Nov 2018

Florida's governor's race also looks headed to a mandatory recount, as the votes that have trickled in this week have also pushed the race between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum under the 0.5 percent threshold.

Nelson and the Florida Democratic Party are suing to prevent elections officials statewide from throwing out mail-in votes and provisional ballots.

In an interview with the Orlando Sentinel, one of Nelson's attorneys said he's confident the untabulated votes that mysteriously keep turning up without explanation will carry Democrats to victory.

The president's comments followed the news of Mr Scott's lawsuit against Ms Snipes and another Democrat, Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher.

Earlier, Trump had a lot to say about Broward County's elections process as a whole.

A judge has ruled that Broward County election officials violated Florida law by failing to report how many outstanding ballots they have in their possession.

Meanwhile, Democratic incumbent Sen.

Broward County has a troubled election history and its county's election supervisor, Brenda Snipes - an appointee of Republican Gov. Jeb Bush - has been at the center of several controversies.

Gaetz, whose district is in Florida's Panhandle, also said the state should take over the Broward elections office.

The tight races underscored Florida's status as a perennial swing state where elections are often decided by the thinnest of margins.

"You mean they are just now finding votes in Florida and Georgia - but the Election was on Tuesday?"

Local Republican groups in Arizona are challenging in court efforts by two counties to resolve issues with signatures on mail-in ballots.

CNN reported that nearly25,000 voters in Broward county had cast a vote for governorbut not for one of the Senate candidates - a discrepancy that CNN said was not matched in other counties.

Many could be heard chanting, "Lock her up!" and "Bye bye, Brenda!" referencing Broward's supervisor of elections, Dr. Brenda Snipes, as they demanded election results. He added that there may be two other races beside the Senate contest that may fall within the recount margin - the elections for governor and agriculture commissioner.

High-profile USA elections in Florida remained unresolved and the prospect of legal challenges, recounts and ballot reviews are setting the stage for possible weeks of uncertainty.

In a news conference, Scott claimed Broward County announced there were 634,000 ballots cast on Election Day. Both Scott and Nelson sought to get the courts to intervene.

One could also be issued in the tight gubernatorial race between the victor, GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis, and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat.

Broward County officials were simply taking deliberative steps to count all ballots, including absentee and provisional ones, he said.

Nelson, who trails Gov. Rick Scott with a slim 0.18 percent margin, believes the final vote total will continue to move in his favor before a recount is called Saturday.

While the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Friday there had been no allegations of fraud, Scott asked - but did not order - the agency to investigate the counties' elections departments for possible fraud. "Nelson will be the victor of this election at the end of this process and we must see it through to the end".

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