Number of Broward County ballots left to be counted remains unknown

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Sen. Bill Nelson's re-election bid is likely headed to a hand recount given that the incumbent Democrat now trails Florida Gov. Rick Scott by 17,000 votes, within the.25% margin required for a hand recount.

The statement said state law requires a recount when the margin between candidates is less than a one-half percentage point.

The recount decision would come this weekend after canvassing boards in Florida's 67 counties certify returns. His campaign has been concerned about "undervoting" in the county, because thousands of people voted in the governor's race but not the Senate race. Republicans kept the Senate majority but lost control of the House to the Democrats. He doesn't think ballot design was the issue, and a recount could reveal problems in Broward that could affect the results.

Gillum conceded on Election Night, but as the vote margin began to narrow Thursday he said he wanted to see every vote counted, strongly indicating he would not stand in the way of a recount. Both are lawyering up and demanding voter information from county election officials as a major recount battle gets underway in Florida.

In Miami-Dade, all ballots, votes have been counted and were sent to the Secretary of State's office by election night.

Democrats believe there are enough votes out to tip the Senate race towards Nelson, but are less confident in Gillum's race, where the divide is around 37,000 votes in DeSantis' favor. "Nelson will be declared the victor and will be returned to the Senate", Mr. Elias said.

"It is sad and embarrassing that Bill Nelson would resort to these low tactics after the voters have clearly spoken", said a statement signed by Scott's team.

Nelson's campaign has hired Marc Elias, a Democratic lawyer who regularly works issues of voter's rights and election protection.

Florida's secretary of state has yet to announce a recount.

Scott cited no evidence of wrongdoing, and the counties have until noon Saturday to report their unofficial vote count.

In the Florida gubernatorial and Senate races, Republicans Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott, respectively, won upsets against their Democratic rivals, Andrew Gillum and Bill Nelson.

Scott also spent almost two weeks off the campaign trail to respond to Hurricane Michael, which pummeled several counties in the Florida Panhandle and was responsible for dozens of deaths.

The senator pointed out the Broward County elections supervisor, Brenda Snipes, says she doesn't know how many ballots are left to be counted.

Two Democratic candidates, Andrew Gillum in Florida and Stacey Abrams in Georgia, were aiming to become the states' first African-American governors, but the races were tilting in favour of their Republican rivals. "As supervisors across our state work tirelessly to do just that, our support has grown and we are now leading by just under 600 votes - Florida supervisors and canvassing boards are doing an incredible job of ensuring everyone's voices are heard and the process is fair and transparent".

Scott's campaign wasted no time in responding to Elias, charging in a statement that Nelson and his lawyers are conducting "fraud" in fighting the current results. For the record most times election results are not overturned - but this is Florida. Federal and state law mandates that ballots not be destroyed until 22 months after an election. Over votes are ballots in which scanners detected that voters marked more than one choice for Senate.

Provisional ballots and overseas and military ballots are still being counted.

Even more stark, however, is the average vote swing between the top two contenders following a recount - only 282 votes. "We recognize that we didn't win this tonight".

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