Homeless tax wins with 60 percent of the vote

San Francisco to Tax Big Businesses to Raise Money to Help Homeless

CALIFORNIA CHAOS: San Francisco Voters Pass 'Homeless Tax' on Large Corporations

San Francisco voters were leaning toward approving a ballot measure that would tax corporate businesses to fund services for the homeless, according to early results Tuesday night. If it passes, it will almost double San Francisco's budget dedicated to the curbing homelessness by adding $300 million a year to fund housing, shelters, mental health services and preventive measures. Let the city come together in Love for those who need it most!

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff led the push for passing Proposition C in the tech community.

A tally posted Wednesday showed that 60 per cent of voters in the city home to Airbnb, Uber, Salesforce, and Twitter cast ballots in favor of "Proposition C", a local ballot measure brought about by a 28,000 signature petition this summer.

Overall, supporters and opponents of the measure contributed about $130 million during the campaign, according to the Desert Sun, reportedly making it one of the most expensive initiatives in California history.

"Prop C's victory means the homeless will have a home and the help they truly need!" He squabbled with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, whom Benioff accused of acting in his own financial interest without providing another solution.

But the assessment also found that the new tax may cost the city 725 to 875 jobs a year over the next two decades ― a net estimate found by factoring in both the jobs lost because of higher business taxes and the jobs gained by increased spending on construction and homeless services. Scott Wiener (D); and the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

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