Democrats signal they want to investigate Jeff Sessions' ouster and replacement

Fears for Russia probe as Trump fires Jeff Sessions

Whitaker was campaign chairman for Mueller witness

More than 300 demonstrators flooded Portland's Monument Square on Thursday evening to protest President Trump's decision to oust Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replace him with Matthew Whitaker, a presidential loyalist who has openly criticized special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into whether anyone in Trump's 2016 campaign colluded with Russian Federation to influence the election.

Both Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer and the expected House majority leader, Nancy Pelosi, want Whitaker to recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation.

They joined protests in cities across the U.S. Crowds also turned out in Chicago; Greensboro, North Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee, and many other places.

No sooner had Trump announced that Whitaker was in charge at Justice, than rank and file House Democrats began setting off alarm bells, saying that is was a clear attempt to shackle Mueller's investigation.

President Donald Trump's pick for acting attorney general, Matt Whitaker, is a close friend of Trump's 2016 election campaign co-chair, and a former government ethics chief said the friendship makes Whitaker unable to oversee impartially a politically charged investigation into the campaign.

Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions' resignation, requested by the president earlier this week, there has been a lot of concern from the left about his replacement, acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has been named as a possible candidate for the vacant position of USA attorney general now that Jeff Sessions has been removed from the job. He said he had been talking to his colleagues about pushing ahead with investigations, starting with Mr Trump's tax returns. Whitaker has been publicly critical of the investigation in the past.

The counselor to the president went on to give credit to Sessions for his work at the Department of Justice, including cracking down on opioid abuse as well as the MS-13 gang.

Protestor Gayle Gingrich said she feels more hopeful after Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives in the midterm elections. He said it would spark a "constitutional crisis" if Trump forced out Sessions as a "prelude" to ending or limiting Mueller's investigation. What? Because he has an impression what the Mueller investigation should look like is different from what Senate and House Democrats believe?

And a source close to the President told CNN that the idea of Whitaker ending or suppressing the Russian Federation probe is not an option as of now. Trump, who denies any collusion, has long complained about the probe, calling it a witch-hunt. "Whitaker is recused from all aspects of the Special Counsel's probe, and ensure that the Department of Justice safeguards the integrity of the Mueller investigation", said Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee. Mueller's direct spending during that period was about $4.5 million. The group also urged people to pressure Congress to protect the Mueller investigation.

Sen. Angus King said Thursday that Congress should pass legislation to protect the Mueller probe.

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