Pokemon Go Dev Launches New Game, Ingress Prime

'Pokemon Go' to Add New Shiny Pokemon to Commemorate Launch of 'Ingress Prime'

Ingress Re-Launches as Ingress Prime with Improved Features

For new players or experienced ones who chose to start anew, this means experiencing the game fresh, without the six or so years of baggage, or the feeling of having missed out on them.

The core gameplay hasn't changed, but with Ingress Prime, Niantic has introduced cleaner visuals, a new UI, and modern graphics.

Fans of Pokemon Go will also be able to switch over their Pokemon when the new Let's Go Pikachu game arrives on Nintendo Switch. It's a code base that can be used for Ingress Prime, Pokmon Go and the upcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Save for some small quality-of-life improvements at least, such as quick-swipe menus, inventory management and Facebook linking.

While this would be fine if the game had been made better, according to numerous game's fans, the sci-fi massively multiplayer title is now demonstrably worse. Ingress uses similar AR technology to Pokemon Go (the games often use similar real world locations for in-game hubs) but has a vastly different game concept.

Upon completing the training, players must choose a side between The Enlightened and The Resistance, two factions battling for control of these landmarks and the fate of the world. It's the flawless time to get back into the game if you've fallen out of it.

The ability to prestige your level in Pokmon Go is something numerous game's hardcore would welcome.

Many GO players have hit the level cap as well - especially since the implementation of the friendship system. At the moment, you can only snap an AR photo when catching a Pokmon - after that, it cannot be photographed again. It certainly feels like this could be added to Pokmon Go properly in the near future.

For now though, Ingress Prime is here and Niantic has big hopes it will attract some of the more hardcore Pokmon Go crowd into taking a look.

Most importantly, the game is now known as Ingress Prime. The overhauling and expansion include an anime series airing in Japan and global via Netflix in 2019 and a live-action web series. Ingress has always had the image of being a geeky game very few could comprehend, with a mobile app that speaks to that nature.

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