Six injured as Fly Jamaica aircraft makes emergency landing in Guyana

Boeing jet crash lands at Guyana airport leaving six people injured

Boeing Jet Crash-Lands At Guyana Airport, 6 Injured: Minister

The runway was temporarily closed after a Fly Jamaica flight OJ256 crash landed at 02:53hrs on Friday.

Six persons were injured and rushed to Diamond Regional Hospital.

Of that number, six persons received minor injuries.

"No reports of any broken bones or such", he said.

"Where the aircraft veered off is about the exact same place the Caribbean Airlines (plane did)... so fortunately for us on this occasion, the extension (of the runway) was there so they were able to utilise the extension", Patterson said, adding that investigations into the matter had already started.

Patterson said the baggage hold is intact and investigators have taken charge of the site.

Among those on board were 35 Guyanese, 82 Canadians, one American citizen, a Trinidadian and one Pakistani.

In a statement this morning, the airline says it believes all 118 passengers and eight crew were safe following the crash in Georgetown.

The Fly Jamaica plane, bound for Toronto, suffered a hydraulic problem ten minutes after taking off from Georgetown airport at 2.10am and had to turn back.

Officials at Fly Jamaica said flight OJ256, which was headed to Toronto, had to make an emergency landing because of a technical problem. We are providing local assistance and will release further information as soon as it is available'.

Guyana's civil aviation authority is investigating. The Public Infrastructure Minister said the United States' National Transportation Safety Board has been informed.

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport has since been reopened to regular traffic.

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