Victoria's Secret mannequin sports activities $1M bra

Model Kelsey Meritt said she asked God to help her get a spot on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

Model Kelsey Meritt said she asked God to help her get a spot on the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

And it wasn't because I was nervous, I was just excited.

Elsa told People it was "beyond exciting" to try on the bra for the first time, saying: 'It was just a sensation that I've never felt before. "And it was definitely a moment that I'll never forget". It has at least 71 carats on the centerpiece and took over 930 hours to create.

The reveals come after the Fantasy Bra was finally unveiled on Tuesday, featuring diamond and Swarovski crystal embellishments.

In another first for the brand, fans will be able to buy a replica version of the Dream Angels Fantasy Bra from Victoria's Secret stores.

"It's definitely the most handsome Fantasy Bra I ever saw, and when I saw it I was like, 'You guys have got to be kidding me, '" Hosk exclaimed over the sparkly bra.

She added that if she were to have designed it, this is exactly the look she would have picked herself.

While the cost of the brassiere is certainly higher than the price of a traditional Victoria's Secret bra, the store said a version of the undergarment will be available to customers on November 29 for $250 at select stores and online.

She also stunned in a Victoria's Secret black satin robe before the second part of the fashion show.

She said the one that Lais Ribeiro wore a year ago - which was worth $2 million - was one of her favorites ever. "I put it on and I was like, 'It looks like someone just made magic and put it on my body'". "Love, Adriana ," she wrote on her social media page. That was just such a good walk.

She also spilled on her pre-show diet and fitness regimen, admitting that she changes it up from year to year.

'I've also done this thing with this guy Moe and he hooks you up to electrical wires and you wear a suit.

"Worked so hard for this!"

As stunning models showcased the latest designs courtesy of the world-famous lingerie brand, Halsey rocked out to smash hits including "Without Me". The bra's casing is also set in sterling silver.

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