VW Tarok Concept Revealed As Pickup With Transforming Bed

VW Tarok Concept Breaks Cover, Previews Global Compact Pickup

Volkswagen Tarok pickup revealed

Volkswagen has unveiled the Tarok pick-up truck concept at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show, which previews a new model set to be offered in Brazil. The dual-screen layout will allow for the latest generation of digital displays and controls.

If you don't remember the Fun, you need educating; it was a marvellously daft bright yellow pick-up, whose back seats that slid out into the rear deck when you wanted to use them, but which folded back away when you had large loads to carry.

With Tarok, VW's addressed all those issues and presented a very convincing alternative to the Amarok.

Aesthetically, the Tarok builds on the updated VW pickup aesthetic established earlier this year by the Atlas Tanoak concept in ny, which in turn was a neat generation leap over the 2010-present Amarok global pickup truck they now produce.

Underneath the Tarok Concept's bonnet sits a 1.4-litre four-cylinder engine with 148bhp, which can, in Brazil, be powered by either pure ethanol, or an ethanol-petrol blend.

Volkswagen has succeeded in merging the practical advantages of the Tarok Concept with a lifestyle-oriented design. In addition, Tarok equipped digital instrument panel and multimedia system with a touchscreen.

The Tarok is also a proper one-tonner, or at least close to it, with VW claiming that the maximum load is "around one tonne". The suck-squeeze-bang-blow is sent to all four wheels by a six-speed automatic transmission with a torque converter.

One of a special five-meter pickup will be folding the lower part of the rear wall of the cockpit: with its help it is possible to increase the useful field of loading for transportation of long goods.

Volkswagen has yet to announce if the Tarok will arrive in European markets. Production models, though, will start out with a 2,0-litre turbodiesel unit also worth 110 kW.

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