Demi Lovato shares first photo since leaving rehab

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Demi Lovato's First Instagram After Rehab Is a Voting Photo

"One vote can make a difference, so make sure your voice is heard! now go out and #VOTE!", the 26-year-old singer wrote on Instagram.

6, 2018, the "Skyscraper" hitmaker took to Instagram for the first time since entering rehab over the summer, and used the opportunity to encourage her fans to do their civic duty during the midterm elections. You have to spend time in one place or another, all that time packing bags 3 days a week here, and 3 days a week there'.

Lovato was first photographed out of rehab on Sunday when she and fashion designer Henry Levy were seen at a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills. No matter what she's doing, she has a sober coach with her and attends regular AA meetings.

"They are not boyfriend/girlfriend, even though there was a picture of them holding hands. Her 90 days in rehab have truly turned her life around", an insider said according to BANG Showbiz.

Her family, however, is urging her to live in their home state of Texas for some time, in order for her to "live a more relaxed lifestyle before she dives back into working", a source once said.

"Demi is happy and healthy has done a complete 180 since she overdosed". Their money's long and strong, they are up to something, the family. The remaining four days of her week are spent trying to reintegrate herself into a normal life. I wonder, based on this picture, are you actually sober?

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