Sergio Ramos Shamelessly Splits Opponent's Nose With Nasty Elbow

Sergio Ramos threw his arm into the face of Havel

Sergio Ramos threw his arm into the face of Havel

Sergio Ramos has an uncanny habit of injuring his opponents "accidentally".

The Real Madrid Castilla coach helped his side secure a 2-0 victory over Real Valladolid last weekend, though midfielder Toni Kroos caused quite a stir with social media users for a tweet he sent out after the match.

The controversial Blancos captain left Viktoria Plzen defender Milan Havel bloodied in a Champions League group stage encounter on Wednesday.

The game could have gone in a different direction entirely, however, because the visitors may have been lucky to keep all 11 men on the pitch when the score was 0-0. Instead the defender threw out his elbow and smacked poor Milan in the face.

Remarkably, the Spanish global escaped any kind of punishment on the night but one would expect a retrospective ban when this incident is reviewed by Uefa, presuming the referee didn't see the contact.

"There's no word to describe it other than thuggery", said Sutton.

"There's no need. The game's 0-0".

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