Sony's Stealth Released a New PS4 Pro Model, and It's Quieter

Saddle up for Red Dead Redemption 2 with one of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro console bundles and you're in for a surprise treat - you'll also be picking up an all-new revision of the PS4 Pro hardware.

In testing the new model while playing God of War, Digital Foundry measured a two or three-decibel reduction (depending on whether measuring from the top or rear of the console) from last year's model.

This new model runs a few decibels quieter than a previously updated version Sony released in 2017, which itself ran a few decibels quieter than the original 2016 model.

Beyond this, however, it is hard to spot any significant changes compared to the previous CUH-7100 device. The PS4 Pro has always featured better performance, but it has since proven to be underpowered compared to the superior Xbox One X, which was released a year later. I'm watching the next big step in video games, and it is extraordinary. As noted by Slash Gear, there's already been one revision to the PS4 Pro's launch model, and both reportedly suffer from "jet engine" fan noise. Digital Foundry was even willing to dub the new Pro model "a discreet living room console". These are relatively minor tweaks which are less likely to influence anyone's decision to make the jump to a PS4 Pro.

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