Mass Effect’s N7 armour will be available in Anthem

Mass Effect N7 day

BioWare Teases the Future of ‘Mass Effect’ On N7 Day

N7 Day, as it's known, has become the official day of Mass Effect, thanks to the prominence the "N7" label has in the Mess Effect universe.

While it's not exactly a reveal or any sort of official confirmation that BioWare is even working on a new Mass Effect game, it's at least something, and heartening to hear that the Canadian developer is now formulating new ideas for its sci-fi RPG saga. Mike Gamble, lead producer at BioWare, revealed this news and also explained the significance of the series in the video. "And that's actually one of the reasons why we're doing an Xbox One X patch for "Andromeda" with better resolution, HDR lighting- and that should be available today".

"It means coming into the studio everyday, dreaming about what the next great "Mass Effect" game will be", Hudson said. Fittingly, this is at the end of the video.

But there's still a big Mass Effect following out there, and developer BioWare knows it-that's why it acknowledges November 7 each year as "N7 Day" with some messaging to fans to remind them of their experiences trying to save the Milky Way Galaxy from the Reaper threat. The final line of the video may give fans a glimmer of hope for the future of this beloved series.

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